Why choose our inn?

Over the past several years, the number of true B&B locations in Cape May has been reduced by over 50%. Most that were sold either became private residences or whole-house rentals. Of those that remain, several have over 25, 30 and 35 rooms. These operations require an office manager, desk clerk, cook, receptionist, marketing manager, grounds keeper, maintenance department and so on.

At the John Wesley Inn, we are a small, owner operated, hands-on operation. We employ none of the positions mentioned above. With cleaning help, we do it ourselves. Having only 6 rooms, we are able to offer the personal attention that B&B’s became famous for. As a recent guest stated “you are the real deal.” Yes we are. We have a trademark ™ that states “ Where Antiques and Amenities Harmonize.” That is not just a saying, it describes the experience at the John Wesley Inn. We are ½ block to the beach and offer paid onsite parking for all B&B guests. Of the B&B’s that remain in Cape May, we are the only B&B that can make these statements. Please come and join us.