Covid Update 2022

While the country has come a long way regarding COVID-19, there is still a long way to go. Government restrictions continue to be modified to protect the wellbeing of the public!

Bed and Breakfast

Due to the emergence of additional strains of the Corona Virus like the Delta Variant and Omicron Virus, the Inn portion of the business will remain closed until we are confident that we can offer a safe an enjoyable environment.

Carriage House Apartments

This building is private and separate from the Inn and has two beautiful 2-story apartments. They provide the “Social Distance” safety that guests have come to need. We are in the Heart of the Historic District and only 1/2 block to the beach. Due to the classification of our apartments, they are exempt from the normal 14.625% Tax, when booked directly with us. Two Beach Badges are included with your apartment rental.

Cape May

The town is a great place to escape to! We anticipate a Busy Season in 2022. The “City” has done a great job of adjusting to the pandemic by modifying regulations to accommodate more opportunities. If you are planning a vacation this year, we recommend that you do it now!